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I am so touched by all the stories that have been shared with me. I consider myself the most blessed person in the word to be let into your lives and hear your deepest, darkest fears and desires. It is amazing how similar we all are, yet how far apart we keep ourselves. Our secrets are the same.

Most overwhelmingly, the secret that is admitted in the treatment room is one of hiding. I have met some of the most incredible women and am in awe of the power and self-control they hold. Many have lost considerable amounts of weight and are dedicated exercise queens, yet they still feel ashamed of their bodies. I can empathize with them, because I have been there too.

It is a daunting feeling to be called beautiful, pretty, or even sexy(!) by those around you and wonder if they would still feel that way if they knew the secret stretch mark damage hiding under your shirt. Dreaming about wearing that teeny bikini that finally fits but still putting on that pair of ragged old shorts at the pool to hide the cottage cheese lumps on your thighs. Turning off the lights before you change just so that you can ignore the empty, sagging skin that was leftover from the weight loss just a day longer.

You have loved, nourished, and healed your body. It is okay to heal your skin and regain your confidence now. It is okay. Were you just waiting for someone to tell you that?

I am inspired by your stories and can I just tell you how much I want to help you? I have this amazing technology that has transformed so many lives at my fingertips, and I want to share it with you. And here is how you know I am genuine: I am committed to your results. I feel your pain before you begin. I leap for joy with your successes! I am proud of my work and I am always learning more to give you the best results possible.

But here is the catch: I cannot make this choice for you. It has to be you that decides to come out of hiding. When will you put your self-esteem as a priority? Show your self some love. Pick up the phone. A half hour is all that it takes to find out how your life will change.


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